How to find AirPod case? A Flawless Guide

Find My Airpods Sound Pending

Your AirPods case is mandatory for charging as well as for resetting the AirPods. One of the most frequent experiences an AirPods owner will have is losing the case for their headphones. This is one of the common that most users face that’s why today I share a solution of How To Find Airpod Case if … Read more

FaceTime tap to join Green: Solved!

Facetime Tap to Join Green

Apple consumers’ preferred modes of communication are iMessage and FaceTime. Although the services have always been exclusive, iOS 15 saw an expansion to allow Windows and Android users for the first time. Many users saw a FaceTime tap to join Green button on their screen when they are trying to join. So here is an … Read more

Airpods Flashing Green: Solved!

Airpods Flashing Green

The Airpods can appear to be depleted of energy. You then attempt to connect it with the cord. But sometimes Airpods Flashing Green light when you plug it in. That isn’t typical. This post will assist you if you have a similar issue. Why does the green light on my AirPods case keep flashing? A … Read more

The Reason and Solution to AirPods pro high Pitched Noise

Airpods Pro High Pitched Noise

Along with incredibly high-quality music, the AirPods Pro has cutting-edge technologies like Noise Cancellation and Automatic Ear Detection. However, occasionally your AirPods could emit an obtrusive high-pitched sound. How can you resolve this issue and what is the root cause? Problems with the Bluetooth connectivity or the noise cancellation function are often to blame when … Read more

AirPods Background Noise on Call: Reasons and Solution!

Airpods Background Noise on Call

This article examines why Airpods Background Noise on Call and offers remedies. AirPods Pro customers have been experiencing background noise issues since 2019. Despite software changes, the same issue keeps surfacing. iOS 15’s latest update didn’t fix this. Apple released active Airpods Background Noise on Call and Music AirPods Pro two years ago. Before then, … Read more

Why are my AirPods not working on FaceTime?

Why Are My Airpods Not Working on Facetime

FaceTime is Apple’s exclusive audio and video chat application. It allows you to connect with your close friends and enjoy gossiping or sharing information. Why Are My Airpods Not Working on Facetime phone conversations but do operate properly with other apps, this is a new ballgame. When you are unable to answer calls, this can … Read more

AirPods Volume low Android: Solved

Airpods Volume Low Android

The Apple AirPods are excellent wireless headphones that are compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android phones and tablets. However, when AirPods are connected to Android devices, the Airpods Volume Low Android level might occasionally be somewhat muffled. When used with Android, AirPods’ loudness is noticeably lacking. However, this does not necessarily imply … Read more