AirPods Background Noise on Call: Reasons and Solution!

This article examines why Airpods Background Noise on Call and offers remedies. AirPods Pro customers have been experiencing background noise issues since 2019. Despite software changes, the same issue keeps surfacing. iOS 15’s latest update didn’t fix this.

Apple released active Airpods Background Noise on Call and Music AirPods Pro two years ago. Before then, this feature was only on Bose and Sony headphones. These earbuds might check for disturbing noise and block it out. This is helpful in noisy places. Customers stated that callers couldn’t hear them when wearing AirPods. The AirPods picked up too much background noise and muffled their speech, they said. Others say AirPods can pick up and enhance even the faintest background noises, especially when worn inside. The faucet sounds like a waterfall when switched on.

The sound of someone opening a zipper would be similar to that of someone drilling something into your ear. Because of this annoying problem, voice calls become uncomfortable, and as a result, many individuals just stopped making calls while wearing AirPods. Others have pushed Apple for a solution, but to this day, Apple has not provided any kind of formal statement regarding this matter.

Why do Airpods Background Noise on Call?

According to all the complaints, this isn’t a problem for AirPods listeners. People using the AirPods’ mic are having trouble. AirPods amplify background noise, making it difficult to hear the wearer. The Active Noise Cancellation function of the AirPods is not to blame for this issue in any way. It has nothing to do with the aforementioned problem at all. The user of the AirPods receives significant benefits from the ANC feature in any form of listening activity.

We think the design could have been better. This is because of a problem with the microphone in the AirPods. Since its gain is so high, it is easily affected by ambient noise. The AirPods may be able to pick up on extremely faint noises like a tapping keyboard or a dragging mouse. The opposite party is becoming increasingly annoyed by these louder noises.

The microphone software in AirPods is also flawed. This cause the AirPods Sound Pending. They reduce the volume of the sound because they mistake it for ambient noise and not actual speech. Some people’s voices were muffled and their backgrounds were amplified as a result of this. There are two mechanisms at work in the AirPods that cause them to pick up outside sounds.

  • One explanation is that it was designed with a defect, resulting in an extremely sensitive microphone. 
  • The other one is a glitch in the software.

How to Fix AirPods Background Noise on Call?

The noise issues that are caused by AirPods have not been satisfactorily resolved as of yet. The current version of the firmware is 4A400. It ought to be accessible to you if you are using the most recent version of iOS. 

Try Updating to the latest Firmware version

After the latest firmware update, many users have claimed that the AirPods Pro no longer experiences issues with voice calls. If you haven’t done so previously, you can give that a shot. Additionally, check to see that your iPhone and iPad are running the most recent version of iOS and iPad OS.

Remove the AirPods from your device and re-pair them

If the firmware update is still unsuccessful, you can try erasing your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max from the iPhone, iPad, or Mac device they are paired with. After that, reestablish the connection. This ought to solve the problem. If the problem with the microphone’s noise cancellation is not resolved after doing so, take the device to the Apple Care center that is located closest to you.

Change the Earbuds

Earbuds and headphones often employ one of three strategies to exclude ambient noise and keep the user from being aware of their surroundings. The first and most fundamental step is to block out the noise. In general, noise reduction involves placing a barrier in the path of sound waves to prevent them from reaching your ears.

Turn on the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Feature

Microphones are utilized in noise cancellation to identify ambient sounds from the environment. As soon as they determine the frequency of the noise, they begin to emit a frequency that is opposed to it to silence it. Airpods Background Noise on Call incorporates a combination of noise-blocking and noise-canceling technologies to reduce the amount of ambient noise that can be heard through the headphones.

Some Additional Information

  • The most typical illustration of this phenomenon is the phenomenon known as “traffic noise,” which occurs when someone is crossing a road and is unable to hear the sound of an approaching vehicle or the bell of a bike.
  • AirPods do not completely filter out ambient sounds, therefore the user should be able to hear them to some extent. AirPods do not filter out ambient sounds, even though these concerns are undoubtedly justified.
  • If the user is playing music at an extremely loud volume, then naturally this will increase the likelihood that background noises will not be audible.
  • When the noise-canceling feature of the AirPods Pro is on, the volume of ambient sounds is approximately 23 dB lower. It is approximately 26 decibels lower than the over-ear form of the AirPods Max.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does the use of AirPods result in a reduction of ambient noise?

There is some background noise that can be blocked out by the AirPods, and they do a decent job of doing so.

Why doesn’t the noise-canceling mode on my AirPods Pros block ambient noise?

When you use your AirPods Pros in the noise-canceling mode, if they do not block out background noise, it is most likely that the reason for this is that you are using ear tips that are the incorrect size for your ears.

Are the AirPods Capable of Transmitting Ambient Sound?

The fact that noise-canceling earbuds and headphones might prevent the user from hearing exterior sounds that may signal danger is one of the primary concerns regarding the safety of these products.

Ending words

The issue with the Airpods Background Noise on Call is a frustrating one for many users. Ultimately, the best solution depends on your preferences. Many users have reported that they prefer the sound quality of wired headphones over AirPods, while others find the convenience of AirPods to be more important. Whatever you choose, here’s hoping that Apple takes these concerns seriously, whether it’s with new software updates or a future hardware revision.

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