The Easiest solution to AirPods Connecting while in Case

One of the best features of Apple tech company isAirpods Connecting While in Case. The AirPods are Apple’s premier headphones, and using them enables you to connect to all of your other Apple devices unobtrusively. Because the battery life is so outstanding, you will be able to listen to music while simultaneously talking on the phone for a considerable amount of time on Airpods Connecting While in Case. Your AirPods are considered an iCloud device, and since they are linked to your Apple ID, you can sync them with the rest of your devices just like any other iCloud device.

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When you want to connect your AirPods to devices that you’ve already linked to, like your iPhone, all you have to do is take the AirPods out of their case, and they’ll immediately connect to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This is the case even if you’ve already linked your AirPods to other devices, like your Mac. Apple devices are the only ones that come equipped with this particular capability. When you put your AirPods in their case, they should automatically disconnect from whichever device they were connected to and begin charging.

Even after you have physically disconnected your AirPods from the smartphone and placed them back into the case, they may remain linked to the device. Because of this, you won’t be able to play audio from your iPhone on an external speaker until you switch off all of the other devices that are linked to your iPhone over Bluetooth. This can be frustrating at times. You have a few alternatives when you put your AirPods back into the case and they don’t disconnect thanks to the fact that there are a few things you can do. When you put your AirPods back into the case, they should disconnect automatically.

The Reason behind AirPods Connecting while in the Case

There are numerous possible reasons behind this connectivity even if they are inside the charging case. Some of them are severe problems and some are just a result of a lack of care. Following are the possible reasons described in an easy-to-understand way. After covering the reasons, we have also provided the solutions to AirPods Connecting while in the Case problem. 

Problem with the Software

Due to a flaw in the firmware, the Airpods pro or Airpods Connecting While in Case. There may be a bug in the software that is causing the firmware to malfunction, which is what is preventing the AirPods from remaining detached even when the case is closed. However, it is also possible that there is a flaw in the hardware that is preventing the AirPods from remaining detached. To get rid of this bug, it will be essential to do a hard reset. This will make it possible to restart the system from the very beginning, which will make it possible for the software problem to be resolved.

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There is an issue with charging the case

If there is a problem with either the charging mechanism of the case or the charging mechanism of the AirPods themselves, it is feasible for the AirPods to connect to your iPhone or any other Apple device even while they are still contained within the case. Your AirPods will, in a technical sense, never be placed in their case if they are unable to be charged; instead, they will remain in the “ready to connect” state at all times. This will occur even if the case is closed.

It is possible that over time, lint and other particles of dirt will become caught in the charging mechanism of your case when you connect the lightning cable to your case. This will prevent the case from charging when you link the lightning cable. It is not difficult to clean the data port; however, if after doing so your case still will not charge, the data port may be fully broken. Cleaning the data port is simple.

Bluetooth Connection Is Still Active

Your AirPods may occasionally attempt to reconnect with the device with which they had been connected in the past if the Bluetooth function on your device is left turned on while they are stowed in their case. If they do not disconnect as soon as they are placed in the case, this may suggest a software problem; however, this is more likely to occur when your Bluetooth is turned on. If they do not disconnect immediately, this may indicate a problem with the case. If they do not work or disconnect as soon as they are placed in the case, they should do automatically, but if they do not disconnect, this may indicate that there is an issue with the software.

Your iPhone is always looking for other devices to which it can connect, and if it notices that the AirPods have turned momentarily while they are still inside their case, it will connect to them even though the case is still on your iPhone. This happens because your iPhone is constantly searching for other devices to which it can connect.

The AirPods Case Is Open

If you leave the case for your AirPods open, there is a possibility that they will connect to other devices without your consent. This can happen if you have Bluetooth enabled on many devices. Although your AirPods shouldn’t connect to other devices while the case is still open, there is a possibility that they could momentarily disconnect from the case and connect to your iPhone if the lid of the case is occasionally left open.
This could happen even though your AirPods shouldn’t connect to other devices while the case is still open. It is possible for this to happen, but they shouldn’t connect to any other devices while the case is still open. If you don’t want your AirPods to become disconnected for no apparent reason, you have to make sure the lid is closed securely. If you carry out these steps, the issue should be resolved.

Solving the AirPods Connecting while in Case Problem

Turn off the Bluetooth for Airpods Connecting While in Case

You will be able to put an end to this circumstance really quickly if you turn off Bluetooth on the gadget that you are using. Due to the fact that the AirPods are unable to perform their functions unless they are linked to a device through Bluetooth, the fact that this is not the case will render them useless.
To disable Bluetooth on your device, you will need to go into the configuration menu and select the appropriate option. In the event that this issue does not resolve itself, the requirement that you repeatedly turn Bluetooth off and then back on again will become increasingly irritating.

Update the firmware on your AirPods to the latest available version

You can resolve difficulties with your AirPods, such as the headphones being unable to connect while the case is closed, by updating the software on your AirPods. The performance of your network may be adversely affected if you use outdated firmware. If the firmware on your AirPods isn’t up to current, as it really should be, you may easily upgrade it yourself by following a few straightforward steps.

Before performing the software update that is supposed to fix the connectivity problem, you need to make sure that your AirPods are synchronized with your iPhone. If this is the case, the settings for Bluetooth will indicate it to you.

  • Select the Settings menu option.
  • Keep scrolling down until you reach the General section.
  • Choose the About tab.
  • Scroll down to find your AirPods if you haven’t already seen them.
  • Examine the most recent iteration of the software/firmware.

If you wish to update them, you must first connect them to the smartphone, then insert the charger into the case, and finally, you must close the case. Following this, you will need to put the AirPods away for the night so that they may do an update. Because there is nothing else you can do to manually update them, you will just have to wait till they are updated.

Make sure the software on your device is up to date for Airpods Connecting While in Case

Along with the latest available version of Airpods Firmware, the updated version of the operating system is also mandatory. Companies usually keep updating their operating system to fix known issues and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Another point to be noted here is, that it is possible that the latest firmware of AirPods cannot work perfectly with an older version of iOS.  Make sure the software on your iPhone or iPad is up to date by installing the most recent available update. This is a possibility that cannot be ignored as it is observed in most cases. So make sure to update the version of your operating system (here iOS). 

Go to the Settings menu on your device to check the software. After that, select General, scroll down, and select Software Update from the menu. Make sure you have a recent backup of your device before you attempt to update it. On the other hand, if you are still having trouble connecting, you can eliminate the problem by resetting your Airpods.

Close the Charging Case

Even though your AirPods can connect to your device while their case is open, you should always ensure that the case is completely closed before putting the earphones away. You should not anticipate that your AirPods will separate from your device simply because you have placed them in the case without first closing the case and allowing charging to commence simply because you have placed them in the case. If they had been disconnected at one point, simply opening the case for even a second could re-establish the connection.

Reset the AirPods

Resetting your AirPods should take care of the issue in the case that it continues to be a problem for an indefinite amount of time. Your AirPods can be returned to their initial configuration if you do a factory reset on them. To put it another way, your AirPods will be in the same excellent condition that they were in on the day that you purchased them. Because of this, you will no longer experience any software-related issues with your AirPods.
  • A walkthrough on how to reset the AirPods
  • By pressing and maintaining pressure on the button, the Charging Case’s setup mode can be activated.
  • If you are holding down the setup button and the status light is flashing orange and then white, you need to let go of the setup button.
  • The data on the AirPods has been restored to what it was when they were first manufactured.
After you have completed the process of resetting your AirPods, you may verify their ability to maintain a connection by placing them back into their carrying case. Now your device will be with Airpods Connecting While in Case with your device.

Delete All Network Settings of Airpods Connecting While in Case

If turning off and then restarting your AirPods did not resolve the issue, the problem may lie with your electronic device. Resetting the network settings on your iPhone or iPad should fix any connectivity issues that you may be experiencing with either device. If you opt to reset the device, all wireless connections, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data, will be removed along with the network settings.

  • The steps to reset your network configuration are as follows:
  • Open the app for configuring settings.
  • Choose the General option.
  • The “Reset” button can be found at the very bottom of the page.

After you’ve reset your iPhone’s network settings, you may connect the AirPods using Bluetooth and place them back in their case after they’re linked. After resetting the network settings on your device, your AirPods should automatically disconnect when you place them back in their case.

Clean the Case of Your AirPods.

If you haven’t given your case a thorough cleaning in a while, this may be an indication that it’s time to do so now. However, almost nobody remembers to clean the casing of their AirPods, although this is the location where the wax accumulates.

The case is an essential component to the operation of your AirPods in its intended capacity. If it is not cleaned properly for a while, then there is a possibility that there will be an issue when it comes to AirPods Connecting While in Case.

Un-pair and Connect the AirPods with the device Again

If restarting the AirPods does not solve the problem, you should try disconnecting them from your iOS device and then re-pairing them from the very beginning of the process. If you do this, it may cure any firmware issues that you are experiencing with your AirPods, and it may also fix the connectivity issue that you are experiencing.

  • Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select Bluetooth by pressing its icon.
  • Tap the button labeled “Information,” which is located next to your AirPods and resembles the letter I enclosed in a circle.
  • Now, you need to click the option that says “Forget this Device.”
  • To confirm your choice, select the Forget Device button.
  • The next step is to ensure that the AirPods are fully charged before putting them in the case that charges them. To reconnect your AirPods, please follow the steps that are outlined below.
  • You should take out your AirPods from their case and place them next to your iPhone.
  • Tap the Connect button when the Control Center pop-up window appears.
  • Put your AirPods back in their case once they have successfully connected, and then check to see if they continue to randomly connect to your iPhone.

Get a new battery for your AirPods

The battery in your AirPods may be failing if you find that Airpods Connecting While in Case is closed. If this is the issue, you should consider purchasing new batteries to see if this resolves the issue. If your AirPods are still covered by their manufacturer’s guarantee, you can have their batteries replaced for the price of $49 per pair. If the batteries aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, however, the cost to replace them will be $69 apiece.
If you want to stay safe and not be defrauded, you should get it done in a real store instead of trying to do it at home. Although this solution is costly, it will ensure that the AirPods will not have any further difficulties connecting to other devices. Do not even consider purchasing replacement batteries for your AirPods if both of them are experiencing battery issues. Rather than replacing the batteries, we recommend you purchase brand-new AirPods, which will be a little more expensive.
It is best to have it done at a legitimate store if you want to avoid any complications in the future. Even though it will cost you a lot of money, this troubleshooting will ensure that your AirPods will never have any connectivity problems again. If the battery in both of your AirPods is acting up, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to replace the battery; instead, you should consider purchasing a new pair of AirPods for a price that is just slightly more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Do If the “Automatic Ear Detection” feature ceases to Function Properly?

You can try cleaning the AirPods if the Automatic Ear Detection toggle is turned on but the feature is not functioning correctly. The proximity sensors are unable to perform their intended functions if they become clogged with dirt. Clean the grime away with a gentle swipe of cloth and make sure that it still functions correctly.

How can I prevent my AirPods from connecting to other devices?

Apple’s AirPods can now be equipped with a feature that allows for automated device switching. If you find that this is an annoyance, you may quickly disable the feature.


The AirPods were a revolutionary redesign for Apple, and they reflect the company’s trend toward creating products that are light, portable, and long-lasting. Airpods Connecting While in Case also works seamlessly with other Apple devices, which makes them a highly mobile option for people who have many Apple products.

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