AirPods Volume low Android: Solved

The Apple AirPods are excellent wireless headphones that are compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android phones and tablets. However, when AirPods are connected to Android devices, the Airpods Volume Low Android level might occasionally be somewhat muffled. When used with Android, AirPods’ loudness is noticeably lacking. However, this does not necessarily imply that AirPods are poor-quality wireless earphones in general. They don’t produce a sound of a particularly terrible quality either. 

The Apple AirPods are excellent headphones, however, they are not compatible with Google’s Android operating system. which might cause Airpods Volume Low Android Your understanding of AirPods would suffer if you let yourself leap to a conclusion without first receiving an adequate explanation. The very first thing that we have to take into consideration is the fact that AirPods are the same as standard Bluetooth earbuds. It is possible to link them to your Android device in the same way that you would attach any other pair of earbuds. It is not recommended to use AirPods with an Android device. 

The experience is more complicated when compared to how people engage with Apple devices. There is no straightforward workaround for the problem that a lot of people have reported, which is that the sound quality of AirPods, when used with Android devices, is noticeably worse.

The Reason behind Airpods Volume Low Android

If you are familiar with Bluetooth headphones at all, you are probably aware that to transmit audio from your phone to your earbuds, the earphones make use of specialized Bluetooth codecs. For instance, Apple’s AirPods make use of the company’s proprietary AAC Bluetooth Codec. SBC is the Bluetooth codec that sees the most widespread use on Android (Sub band codec). Apple places a premium on having the highest possible sound quality. 

AAC is an audio coding standard that was developed to produce the highest quality sound possible. To produce a sound of almost lossless quality, AAC considers psychoacoustics. Even Qualcomm’s AptX and Sony’s LDAC are unable to do this function, therefore it is clear that other options are necessary. On the other hand, Android deals with Bluetooth codecs in a fundamentally different manner than Apple does. 

Android places a strong emphasis on preserving the battery. Android utilizes something called Energy-Aware Scheduling, or EAS for short. It is responsible for determining how a gadget will utilize its available energy. Android lowers the quality of its audio streaming to conserve energy because EAS does not prioritize sound quality more than preserving battery life.

How Can I Fix the Airpods Volume Low Android problem?

Fortunately, there is a solution to this Airpods Volume Low Android problem, and once it is implemented, you will be able to enjoy the high sound quality of your AirPods regardless of the device to which they are connected. If your AirPods have a low volume, you can fix it by following these techniques.

Check Your EQ on Your Mobile Device

Every Android smartphone comes equipped with its equalizer out of the box. No of the type of earbuds you have in your ears, the output volume and sound quality can be actively altered by selecting a different equalizer setting. Open the lid of your AirPods case and press the button located behind the cover until you see a white light begin to flash on it.

This will allow you to evaluate the sound quality of your AirPods. After that, activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone, and then connect your AirPods to it. When you have successfully linked your AirPods, you will notice that the flashing white light has changed to a green light.

Disable Absolute Volume

Android devices come equipped with a mechanism that prevents Bluetooth accessories from achieving their maximum volume potential. The term for this concept is “absolute volume.” You can turn it off to make the volume of the sound coming from your Apple AirPods significantly higher.

You will need to put your device into developer mode before you can disable the Absolute Volume setting found within your Android settings. To activate the developer mode on your device, navigate to the Settings menu on your phone and select the “About Phone” option. Once you’re inside, navigate to the menu and select Software Information. From there, locate the model number. Seven times, tap on it. After that, your device will inform you that you have successfully become a developer.

Now, return to the Settings menu and look for the Developer Options there. You can turn off absolute volume using the button labeled “Disable Absolute Volume” inside. Toggle the switch. After that, you will need to restart your phone and then connect your AirPods to it. The volume of the audio will be greatly increased.

Make Sure That The Audio Is Balanced On Your AirPods.

The volume on many people’s Airpods Volume Low Android, which is a common complaint. What they may not realize is that the volume on only one side of their AirPods is turned down, which results in a muffled sound overall. Connecting your AirPods to your phone using Bluetooth will allow you to determine whether or not the audio balance on your AirPods is appropriate.

Now, select the option labeled Settings, and after that, select the option labeled Accessibility settings. You will find an option there that is either titled Hearing or Hearing improvements. Simply select that link. You will notice a choice that you may choose is either Left/Right Audio Balance or Audio Balance. Verify that the correct amount has been balanced. In that case, this is probably the reason why the volume on your AirPods seems to be lower than usual. After you have it positioned exactly in the middle, listen to how it sounds. It ought to sound a lot more improved.

Use a Volume Booster Application

If the volume settings that come pre-installed on your Android device aren’t cutting it for you, all you have to do is download a third-party volume boosters app like Power amp or Bass Booster to give you more control over the volume. These volume boosters will always produce a louder sound for you, regardless of the settings that are currently in place on your Android device.

Clean the AirPods 

Because the AirPods spend the majority of their time either in their carrying case or in our ears, we rarely get the opportunity to examine them in further detail. AirPods tend to gather a lot of dust and ear moisture because they are constantly in their users’ ear canals. Because of this, they become soiled over time. This dirt can take up so much room that it muddles up the sound coming from your AirPods. You will notice a significant difference in the sound quality after cleaning the AirPods.

Update the Firmware on your AirPods.

There may be another factor contributing to the poor compatibility of Airpods Volume Low Android devices. Firmware is particularly crucial for Bluetooth earbuds, such as the AirPods, to keep the connection going and produce the best sound possible. You will need either an iPhone or an iPad to update the firmware on your AirPods. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be resolved using your Android device. You may check to see if the firmware on your AirPods has been updated by connecting them to an iPhone. 

It is recommended that you upgrade the firmware on your AirPods whenever there is a new version available. Now, navigate to the Settings menu on your Android device, and look for the option labeled “Reset Network.” This will delete the connection that you have established between your Android device and your AirPods. Once the reset is complete, connect your AirPods to your phone once more. This is a method that is helpful to a significant number of AirPods users.

Increase the volume limitation.

Some of the Smart Phones come with a volume limitation feature which limits the highest possible volume for the device. You need to disable that feature or you can just increase the upper limit according to your requirements. 

  • Launch the “Settings” on the Android device you’re using.
  • Select “Sounds and vibration” from the menu.
  • Tap on “Volume”
  • Tap the three dots that appear vertically in the top right corner of the screen, then tap the “Media volume limiter” option that appears.
  • Tap the white slider that is located next to the word “Off” to turn on your volume limiter if it is currently turned off.

Sometimes the AirPods Sound Pending causes the problem of low sound visit Can I Find My AirPods Sound Pending? for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
On the Samsung phone, where can I find the audio settings?
  • Go to the “Sounds and vibration” submenu in the “Settings” menu. 
  • Navigate to the very bottom of the screen and then tap on Sound quality and effects. 
  • You will have the ability to customize the way the sounds are played.
How do I access the settings for my AirPods?

Simply launch the Settings app on your iOS device, navigate to the Bluetooth section, and tap the blue I icon that is located next to the AirPods in the “My Devices” section. The “Name” field can be edited by tapping on it. From within the AirPods settings on your iPhone, you can make modifications to the double-tap functionality of your AirPods as well as disable the automated ear detection feature.

Why are Apple’s AirPods priced so high?

The price of the Airpods can be attributed to several different elements working together. The first reason is that they are manufactured by Apple, which is not known for producing things that are low in price. Each item that is made requires a significant amount of overhead costs to cover the costs of its design, its materials, and its construction.

Which AirPods Have the Highest Sound Volume?

The sound quality and user-friendliness of every pair of AirPods are renowned for being exceptional. Some versions and generations of Apple’s Airpods Volume Low Android sound but they are superior to sound quality when connecting with Apple devices. to others when the company introduces newer versions and generations of headphones. The Apple AirPods Pro is the company’s most recent product launch.

Last words

It is disturbing that Airpods Volume Low Android and their case are prone to this type of malfunction. That being said, in case you do encounter it while using your AirPods with an Android device. If you want your AirPods to play at the same volume level on both Android and iOS devices, then it’s possible that you can use an app to get the job done. At the very least, make sure your headphones are turned up to a high enough volume.

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