FaceTime tap to join Green: Solved!

Apple consumers’ preferred modes of communication are iMessage and FaceTime. Although the services have always been exclusive, iOS 15 saw an expansion to allow Windows and Android users for the first time. Many users saw a FaceTime tap to join Green button on their screen when they are trying to join. So here is an explanation of what is meaning of this is and why you need to press this.

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The Green Join Button Explained

Look for a camera symbol in the top-right corner of the screen when you begin an iMessage conversation with someone. You have the choice to start a FaceTime voice call or a FaceTime video call with the contact when you tap it. The regular video camera icon may occasionally be replaced with a green camera icon or a completely different green “Join” button. However, there’s no reason to worry. There is no mystery behind Facetime Tap to Join Green. This madness has a purpose.

In a Group Chat, the Join Button

After looking at the Facetime Tap to Join Green button you will see The ‘Join’ button in the upper-right corner of an iMessage group discussion that just indicates that the other group members are engaged in a group call when you initiate one. Only when the group call is started from within the group does the “Join” option appear. The join button will undoubtedly be visible during their group call. If you are facing an AirPods Sound Pending Problem while calling then Visit for solving this in simple steps. By pressing it, you may also join the group call at any time. You can also see how many people are presently taking part in the group call. You may still get in the fun even if you missed the phone notice.

The iMessage chat’s a green camera icon

A green video camera symbol may now be found in someone’s iMessage chat window when you’re on a FaceTime conversation with them. When utilizing Picture-in-Picture, tapping the camera symbol will enlarge the FaceTime screen and return you to the active FaceTime call.

Apple customers have relied on them to locate other Apple customers ever since their presentation a few years ago. In any event, Apple’s continued addition of new components keeps the experience fresh. Massive components could hardly last forever since they occur so often in the form of large waves. In any case, minor improvements and augmentations are always appreciated. But occasionally, when you encounter something new, it’s also common to feel confused. As an illustration, occasionally in your iMessage, there will be a Facetime Tap to Join Green join button or a green video camera button. Many individuals are perplexed by it. 

The Possible Reason behind this problem.

There is a bug

The Facetime Tap to Join Green join button may still appear on your iPhone due to a bug even after you have ended the FaceTime chat. Even after the call has finished, the green camera button that reads “Join” will remain visible on the screen.

The receiver’s phone died

The Facetime Tap to Join GreenJoin button could be activated when someone tries FaceTime with a dead phone. They will need to charge their phone and switch it back on again before you may contact them. When the phone is turned on, you may FaceTime with them.

Apple Alerting You to a FaceTime Call with Your Group Currently in Progress

Apple uses the green join button to let you know when a FaceTime call involving participants in a group chat in which you are a member is in progress. The join button shows up as a shortcut to let you get right into the discussion. This is a cool feature that makes utilizing FaceTime for communication more convenient.

You Have a Contact in another Person’s FaceTime Call

It has also been claimed that the green join button may be seen while opening an iMessage from someone who is actively taking part in a joinable FaceTime call.

How to solve this issue? 

Restarting the iPhone

Press and hold the Side button and either volume button on an iPhone X or later until the slider displays. To totally turn off your gadget, move the slider. Press and hold the Side button one more once your device has turned off. Press and hold the Top (or Side) button on an iPhone 8 or before until the slider displays. To totally turn off your gadget, move the slider. Press and hold the Top (or Side) button once more until the Apple logo appears after your iPhone has turned off.

Turn FaceTime back on after disabling it.

Go to iPhone Settings -> FaceTime -> switch off FaceTime on your iPhone. Restart your iPhone after that, then come back to this Setting screen to switch on FaceTime once more.

Reset iPhone Preferences

Go to Settings and then General Settings on your iPhone to reset every option. Select the “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option after that (Reset iPhone in earlier iOS versions).

Create a new contact with the same contact number but a different name. 

Open the Phone application on your iPhone, go to Contacts, and then touch +. After that, create a contact with a new name and the same phone number. FaceTime with this individual using this contact.

Activate Airplane Mode, then deactivate it after a few minutes. 

While airplane mode is active on your smartphone, you cannot use your phone to connect to cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Slide up from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone or iPad to activate airplane mode.

Hang up and dial again

You should keep calling and hanging up until the call connects if the join button shows but does not successfully join you into the conversation. It’s most likely a short-term issue that will get fixed eventually if we can’t get you included on the call.

Update your iPhone

Try upgrading your iPhone to the most recent version if you are having difficulties getting the join button to show up. Making sure that you have a suitable version of iOS is a smart first step in fixing your problems with the join button because the join button only appears for users with iOS 15 or higher.

Speak with Apple Support

You can ask Apple Support to look into it if you discover that the join button is giving you a major, persistent problem.

Delete the message thread

Please first do an iCloud or local computer backup on your iPhone. After that, erase the whole thread of messages and start a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I utilize the join button in green?
  • Select “Messages” in the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • If it isn’t already, toggle the “iMessage” switch to make it active.
  • In the Messages section, select “Send & Receive.”
  • In the “You may be reached by iMessage at” area, make sure your phone number and Apple ID are entered.
  • In the pop-up box that displays, select “Add another Email…” and provide your Apple ID email address.
  • In the “Start new conversations from” area, double-check that the new email address is selected.
  • To save your modifications, tap the “Done” button. Now, in the top right corner of the Messages app, when you launch a new chat, you’ll notice a green “Join” button.
  • To include more participants in the chat, use this icon.
  • You may make an audio call and a video call by tapping these two choices.
  • Make sure that everyone in the chat has iMessage switched on if you’re having difficulties getting the Facetime Tap to Join Green “Join” button to show up.
  • Additionally, make sure your phone number is entered in the Settings app’s “You may be contacted by iMessage at” area.
What does the iMessage green join button mean?

You may join a group chat by clicking the Facetime Tap to Join Green join icon in iMessage. You may conduct a conversation with numerous individuals

Why Does the “Join in Messages With One Person” Button on FaceTime Say That?

You could see the join button in your iMessage for a few different reasons. Usually, it isn’t a bug and is appearing as it should. The join button’s major goals are as follows.

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